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Trane® CenTraVac™ Centrifugal chillers are an icon representing the most reliable, most efficient, lowest emission, quietest centrifugal chillers and fastest restart time in the industry. Since 1938, Trane has continuously researched all technologies to ensure reliable operation with the highest efficiencies across the entire product family. Direct driven and multiple stages compressor can archive efficient 0.45 kW/ton at AHRI condition. Repaid restart capability enables the chiller to return 80% cooling load in less than 3 minutes after power is restored, which is vital for mission critical applications. With Earth Wise System Design, CenTraVac chiller helps to reduce first costs, operating costs, quieter than traditional system, suitable for Green building.

Green Features 

– Lifecycle Assessment:
The Earth Wise CenTraVac™ Centrifugal chillers is the first (and only) commercial chiller in the world to earn Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) registration following ISO14025.

– Energy efficiency
COP=7.81 in comparison with COP=6.1 which is the minimum COP requirement of QCVN-09:2013.
With 28% of improvement, 5 points can be earned under E-3 Credit of LOTUS NR V2.0.

– Low atmospheric impact
Using the low-pressure refrigerant R-123 (ODP=0.02 and GWP=76), the annual refrigerant leak rate is less than 0.5%.

Compliance & Certification

AHRI-550/590, EPD following ISO14025, Green Seal, ISO-9001:2008.


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NR / MFR E-1, E-3, WP-1
BIO E-2, E-3, WP-3



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