VGBC is happy to announce the official release of LOTUS Homes V1 and LOTUS Small Buildings V1.

Both rating systems aim to encourage efficient building design (including energy and water efficiency), encourage the use of sustainable building materials, create better internal spaces for occupants, and minimize the impact of building development on the environment.

2 systems adapted to small-scale projects

LOTUS Homes is designed to assess all types of single-family dwellings while LOTUS Small Buildings is designed to assess all types of non-residential buildings that have a GFA lower than 2500 sqm.

LOTUS Homes and LOTUS Small Buildings have been developed with the aim to provide a simplified and streamlined version of LOTUS for small-scale projects. They maintain a holistic approach but a number of differences in the certification process and the requirements for compliance makes certification at an appropriate level of difficulty:

  • Single fee of 15,000,000 VND for the whole certification process
  • One Pre-assessment Stage available to provide guidance to projects
  • No prerequisites (mandatory requirements) included
  • User Tool provided to projects: a ready-to-use tool offering a complete overview of the rating system, performing calculations and showing all results achieved
  • Simplified evidence to submit for assessment with a non-exhaustive list of acceptable documents (photos, invoices, receipts, etc.)

Get certified

Certifying your project with LOTUS will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability with a third-party certification
  • Save operating costs
  • Create a more comfortable and healthy space to live in
  • Increase the value of your building

Register your project or submit your expression of interest.

More information:

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