LOTUS Non-Residential (LOTUS NR) was the first rating system developed by the VGBC. LOTUS NR assesses new constructions and major refurbishments of non-residential buildings.


What buildings are eligible for LOTUS NR certification?

LOTUS NR can be used for numerous building types, including but not limited to:
  • cultural buildings (library cinema, museum, theatre, club, radio and television station, exhibition centre, community house)
  • educational buildings (nursery, elementary, secondary & tertiary school, university, vocational school, college)
  • health care buildings (clinic, general, specialist federal & local hospital, nursing, home & temporary health care facility)
  • retail buildings (market, shop, shopping centre, supermarket, restaurant, kiosk)
  • office buildings
  • hotels & guest house buildings
  • transport service buildings (train & bus station, bus stop, information service centre, post office)
  • communication station and towers;
  • stadia and sports centres; and
  • factories.

Development of LOTUS NR

The first version of LOTUS NR, LOTUS Non-Residential Pilot, was released in 2010.
Based on experience with Pilot projects and further consultation with experts and stakeholders, LOTUS NR V1 was released in 2011.
In response to additional feedback on V1, changes were made to the submission requirements in order to bring the tool in line with international green building assessment tools and provide a clear pathway for the certification of buildings. These changes culminated in the 2013 release of LOTUS NR V1.1.
In June 2015, LOTUS NR V2.0 was released with a high number of amendments (more compliance methods, a new certification level: Platinum, etc.)
VGBC warmly welcome anyone interested in helping us to review and improve the system. Please send your comments and suggestions to: certification@vgbc.org.vn.



Registration Fee: VND 10,000,000/project

The Assessment Fee is a one off charge (depending on the size of the project according to Table below) for the total administration process of LOTUS Provisional and LOTUS Full Certification and is bound by the Certification Agreement.


Size of the project
(by sqm of GFA)

Project Assessment Fee

Under 5,000 sqm VND 55,000,000
from 5,001 sqm to 10,000 sqm VND 88,000,000
from 10,001 sqm to 15,000 sqm
VND 110,000,000
from 15,001 sqm to 25,000 sqm
VND 132,000,000
from 25,001 sqm to 50,000 sqm
VND 198,000,000
from 50,001 sqm to 75,000 sqm
VND 264,000,000
from 75,001 sqm to 100,000 sqm
VND 330,000,000
Project over 100,001 sqm
VND 396,000,000
The above fees do not include 10% of VAT.
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