LOTUS Buildings in Operation (LOTUS BIO) assesses all types of building that are in operation.
While LOTUS NR and MFR assess the design and construction of buildings, LOTUS BIO focuses on the most crucial stage of buildings: the operation stage.

What buildings are eligible for LOTUS BIO certification?

Any building that has been in operation with at least 50% occupancy for a minimum of 2 years and not undergoing a major refurbishment is eligible for LOTUS BIO.
LOTUS BIO mainly focusing on building operations (monitoring, maintenance, optimization of systems, etc.) should be achievable for any building regardless of how well the building was designed and constructed.

Development of LOTUS BIO

LOTUS Buildings in Operation Pilot was published in July 2013. The development process included a scoping consultation, the release of a draft checklist, 2 technical consultation workshops and the release of a Draft Pilot Version technical manual.
VGBC warmly welcome anyone interested in helping us to review and improve the system. Please send your comments and suggestions to: certification@vgbc.org.vn.


Registration Fee: VND 10,000,000/project

The Assessment Fee is a one off charge (depending on the size of the project according to Table below) for the total administration process of LOTUS Provisional and LOTUS Full Certification and is bound by the Certification Agreement.


Size of the project
(by sqm of GFA)

Project Assessment Fee

Under 5,000 sqm VND 44,000,000
from 5,001 sqm to 10,000 sqm VND 66,000,000
from 10,001 sqm  to 15,000 sqm
VND 82,000,000
from 15,001 sqm to 25,000 sqm
VND 98,000,000
from 25,001 sqm to 50,000 sqm
VND 142,000,000
from 50,001 sqm to 75,000 sqm
VND 186,000,000
from 75,001 sqm to 100,000 sqm
VND 230,000,000
Project over 100,001 sqm
VND 274,000,000
The above fees do not include 10% of VAT.
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