Green buildings can be delivered at a price comparable to conventional buildings and investments can be recouped through operational cost savings and create a more productive workplace.

A recent report by WorldGBC reveals that there has been an overall trend towards the reduction in design and construction costs associated with green building as building codes around the world become stricter, supply chains for green materials and technologies mature and the industry becomes more skilled at delivering green buildings. Added to this, as investors and occupiers become more knowledgeable about and concerned with the environmental and social impacts of the built environment, buildings with better sustainability credentials will have increased marketability.

In term of operational costs, green buildings have been shown to save money through reduced energy and water consumption and lower long-term operational and maintenance costs. The energy savings alone typically exceed any cost premiums associated with their design and construction within a reasonable payback period.

VGBC’s “Costing for Green: How to Develop and Deliver a Business Case for Green Building” training course aims to help estate investors, architects, green consultants and other industry practitioners fully understand the costs and values of green building through several case studies. Furthermore, the course will provide information on costing methodology and insight into specific certification credits that should be targeted for best ROI.

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