VGBC is a program of Green Cities Fund, Inc., an international non-profit organisation based in California, USA. VGBC was established in 2007 with an aim to raise awareness and build capacity for the development of green building in Vietnam


Vision & Mission


1. Mission

To be the focal point for academia, government and the private sector to promote a more sustainable and adaptive built environment.

2. Vision

Green Building project development:

  • Develop and maintain a set of green building rating systems for Vietnam – the LOTUS scheme
  • Implement LOTUS systems on projects throughout Vietnam
  • Conduct long-term research on climate change resilience for the built environment of Vietnam

Awareness and capacity building:

  • Complete Green Building Basics and LOTUS Accredited Professional education courses
  • Develop and maintain a free online Green Database (for products and services)
  • Enhance awareness of green building practice through workshops and online resources
  • Advocate and build capacity for the government and academia
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