Is your building green and healthy? Let us showcase it!

Better Places for People, WorldGBC's Global Project, is launching its 2017 Expressions of Interest for case studies for a new report on green and healthy buildings. WorldGBC's 2016 Case Study report, Building the Business Case, was a huge success, with exposure to...

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Vietnam real property oversupply dampens growth outlook

Growth in sales in the second or holiday home segment of the property market in Vietnam has garnered a lot of attention of late but its outlook remains cloudy at best—with many experts throwing up the yellow caution flag to investors.   There are approximately 36...

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Green building myths

While going green is popular in the country, it has yet to be fully accepted in building and construction. One reason is that many are burdened by myths about green building. Here are some of them:   MYTH 1. BUILDING GREEN IS CAPITAL INTENSIVE. Developers are...

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