LOTUS Small Interiors (LOTUS SI) assesses all types of single use or mixed-use fit-out projects.
Unlike LOTUS Interiors, LOTUS SI is designed specifically for small-scale interior projects.


What projects are eligible for LOTUS SI certification?

LOTUS Small Interiors can be used for single use or mixed-use fit-out projects including:

  • office spaces
  • retail spaces (supermarkets, shops, etc.) and restaurants
  • hotels and hospitality spaces (spaces dedicated to businesses within the service industry that provide transitional or short-term lodging)
  • educational facilities
  • health facilities including clinics, etc.
  • dwelling-units in apartment buildings
To be eligible for LOTUS Small Interiors, projects must meet 6 Eligibility Rules which are detailed in the Technical Manual and the User Tool.

LOTUS Interiors certification or LOTUS SI certification?

LOTUS SI has been designed for small-scale projects.

Any project meeting one of the 2 following requirements can be considered as a small-scale project and can follow LOTUS SI instead of LOTUS Interiors:

1. The project has a gross floor area lower than 1,000 sqm

2. The project fit-out activities include no more than 2 of the following categories:

  • Installation of artificial lighting fixtures (not considering task lighting),
  • Installation of water fixtures or water appliances (not considering water dispensers)
  • Installation of HVAC systems (not considering the installation of split-units or minor works on HVAC systems such as moving air grilles, changing ducting, etc.),
  • Installation of commercial refrigeration systems such as walk-in refrigerators, walk-in freezers or refrigerated casework,
  • Installation of partitions, floorings and/or ceilings


Development of LOTUS SI

LOTUS Small Interiors V1 has been released in August 2017. It has been developed based on LOTUS Interiors as well as the 2 other streamlined LOTUS rating systems: LOTUS Homes and LOTUS Small Buildings.

Streamlined LOTUS Rating Systems have been developed to propose a simplified, smaller version of LOTUS for small-scale projects. The Streamlined LOTUS Rating Systems maintain a holistic approach but a number of differences in the certification process and the requirements for compliance makes certification at an appropriate level of difficulty.


VGBC warmly welcome anyone interested in helping us to review and improve the system. Please send your comments and suggestions to: certification@vgbc.org.vn.



The Assessment Fee is a one off charge for the total administration process of LOTUS Small Interiors Certification and is bound by the Certification Agreement.

The Assessment Fee for LOTUS Small Interiors is 15,000,000 VND.

The above fee do not include 10% of VAT.


 LOTUS SI Credits

Energy Credits

16 Points + 2 bonus

E-1 Space Cooling 6
E-2 Artificial Lighting
E-3 Energy Efficient Appliances
E-4 Energy Monitor
E-BPC-1 Energy Controls
1 bonus point
E-BPC-2 Water Heating
1 bonus point

Water Credits

6 Points

W-1 Water Efficient Fixtures
W-2 Drinking Water

Materials Credits

8 Points

M-1 Sustainable Materials 4
M-2 Sustainable Furniture Products

Waste & Pollution Credits

5 Points

WP-1 Refrigerants 1
WP-2 Fit-out Waste
WP-3 Waste Management

Health & Comfort Credits

12 Points

H-1 Fresh Air Supply
H-2 Low-VOC Emissions PRoducts
H-3 Interior Plants
H-4 Green cleaning
H-5 Daylighting
H-6 External Views
H-7 Thermal comfort
H-BPC-1 CO2 monitoring
1 bonus point
H-BPC-2 Pre-occupancy removal of pollutants
1 bonus point
H-BPC-3 Lighting Comfort
1 bonus point
H-BPC-4 Acoustic Comfort
1 bonus point
H-BPC-5 Post-occupancy Comfort
1 bonus point

Adaptation & Mitigation Credits

6 Points

LT-1 Green base building 3
LT-2 Tenancy lease
LT-3 Green Transportation
LT-BPC-1 Facilities and amenities for occupants
1 bonus

Management Credits

7 Points

Man-1 Construction Stage
Man-2 Commissioning
Man-3 Maintenance
Man-4 Green Awareness and Behavior
1 bonus point
Man-BPC-2 On-going Commissioning
1 bonus point
Man-BPC-3 Independent Commissioning Agent
1 bonus point

Innovation Credits

4 Bonus Points

Inn-1 Exceptional Performance Enhancement 4 bonus points
Inn-2 Innovative Techniques/Initiatives
4 bonus points



 LOTUS SI Documents

LOTUS Small Interiors V1 – Technical Manual
Version released in August 2017 (English)

LOTUS Small Interiors V1 – User Tool
Version updated on 19/09/2017 (English)



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