Better Places for People, WorldGBC’s Global Project, is launching its 2017 Expressions of Interest for case studies for a new report on green and healthy buildings.

WorldGBC’s 2016 Case Study report, Building the Business Case, was a huge success, with exposure to over 3 million people, more than fifty press mentions, and over 8000 downloads.

This year, WorldGBC is publishing a follow-up report, but opening this up to all building types, not just offices. Submit your case study and have the potential to be part of the 15 buildings globally that are showcased by WorldGBC. Show the world that you’re a leader in green and healthy buildings! 

What is a green and healthy building? A building that is resource efficient and improves the health, wellbeing, and productivity of those inside.

What buildings qualify? All buildings! Residential, retail, office, mixed-use, public space – anything goes!

What is the deadline? The Expression of Interest to develop a case study is now open and will close on 4 July 2017 so submit your entries soon!

For more information on the guidelines for submission and developing the case study, see the document here.

To submit an Expression of Interest, click on the form here. It should take about 10 minutes. For any questions, contact Colin Powell, Project Manager for Better Places for People at 

To find out more about WorldGBC’s Better Places for People project, click here.

(Source: WorldGBC)

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