What is a LOTUS Accredited Professional?

A LOTUS AP is a professional who has undergone specific training in the LOTUS green building certification system. A LOTUS AP holds an accreditation for a two-year period based on this training and accreditation can be renewed in accordance with LOTUS AP Framework 2016 (contact VGBC for more details). A LOTUS AP can provide consultancy advice when designing green buildings and applying for certification under the LOTUS system.

Why should I become a LOTUS AP?

Holding a LOTUS AP accreditation demonstrates to clients and employers that you have specific skills in relation to green building. This certification may set you ahead of other competitors and continue to grow your business.

Becoming a LOTUS AP can provide you with career benefits by:

  • Being a leader in the industry
  • Developing your understanding of the effective implementation of LOTUS certification tools on a variety of projects;
  • Gaining an essential knowledge for the support of design and construction teams;
  • Assist in achieving 1 points for your LOTUS project
  • Having the opportunity to exchange ideas and knowledge with fellow professionals; and
  • Gaining additional personal exposure and promotion through the VGBC within the Vietnam Green Building Database and other promotional material.

How can LOTUS APs contribute to a LOTUS project?

LOTUS APs can contribute to a LOTUS Project in many different ways depending on their position in the project.

Green consultants: A LOTUS AP can work as a green consultant for a project with the direct responsibility to ensure that the project will obtain LOTUS Certification. In such a case, the LOTUS AP will have to be involved in the project from an early design stage to the beginning of the operation. The primary roles of the LOTUS AP will be:

  • Guide the project team to define the pathway to LOTUS Certification: credit selection, green strategies to implement, sustainable aspects to consider, etc.
  • Make sure the project will meet all the LOTUS requirements by correcting the design, writing specifications, providing recommendations, etc.
  • Gather and prepare all the necessary evidence to demonstrate compliance with LOTUS requirements.

Architects and engineers: LOTUS APs can contribute to a project by being a member of the project design team. With the knowledge acquired on LOTUS, the LOTUS AP can help to improve the design, propose green solutions complying with LOTUS requirements, collaborate more efficiently with the green consultant, etc.

Project managers: The LOTUS AP can make sure that the strategies to meet LOTUS requirements related to construction are well implemented and that correct documentation is prepared.

Contractors: A LOTUS AP working with the contractor of a project can be helpful to select materials and products compliant with LOTUS, propose better green solutions, implement sustainable construction management plans, prepare proper documentation, etc.

Supplier/Manufacturer: Suppliers and manufacturers with a LOTUS AP certificate will be able to provide the project with the best products to meet LOTUS requirements and to provide all the evidence needed to justify the green credentials of their products.


In order to become a LOTUS AP, professionals must follow 2 below steps:


1. Green Building Foundation course (GBF)

2. Green Building Advanced course (GBA)

Organized by VGBC, these courses offer interactive learning, with qualified professionals walking participants through the learning material. Training courses provide opportunities for participants to ask questions, perform calculations, and learn the LOTUS AP material in a supervised and structured environment.


The candidate must achieve a mark of 75% or higher in order to pass the LOTUS AP exam. The LOTUS AP exam is graded automatically by the VGBC. 

After the successful attempt at the LOTUS AP Exam, the candidate will be issued a LOTUS AP Certificate of Accreditation. The Certificate of Accreditation is valid for two (2) years from the date of issue.

When the Certificate of Accreditation is issued, the LOTUS AP will be automatically listed on the VGBC Green Database – the largest online network of green building products and professionals in Vietnam.

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The LOTUS AP Certificate of Accreditation is valid for two (2) years from the date of issue. This certificate must be renewed in order to maintain LOTUS AP status. In order to renew the certificate, LOTUS APs must complete and submit evidence of completion of a minimum total of 20 Points of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) within one (1) month after the expiration of the certificate by completing the Code of conduct statement and CPD points report.

VGBC will issue a new Certificate of Accreditation within two (2) weeks of receiving all the correct documentation. The new certificate will be valid for two years from the date of issue. There is no charge for the renewal of accreditation.

Find all the documentation available for download below:

View CPD Program
Code of Conduct statement
CPD Points Report


Late Renewal

a) Renewal Application within 12 Months of Expiry

Late renewal application (after the above-stated deadline) but within 12 months of the expiration of the certification will still be accepted. However, the LOTUS AP must achieve an additional 10 CPD points, for a total of 30 points for late renewal.

b) Renewal Application greater than 12 Months of Expiry

If an accreditation has lapsed for more than twelve months, the professional must re-take the LOTUS AP Training Course and LOTUS AP Exam prior to renewing their certification.

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